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So you’ve built your website, and have an inventory of products in your online shop waiting to be distributed. But how do you gain traction from there?

SEO is the multi-purpose tool that has become essential for attracting the right audience to your product or service, before creating a seamless transition from browse to sale. The goal is for your products to immediately display when people type in the relevant search term, which is where our research comes into play. Our experts have access to data which tells us what keywords have the highest search volume and relevance to your product. We use that information to help you customise your product pages and incorporate these keywords to maximise the likelihood of someone landing on your page.

While the objective is simple, there’s many technical aspects to this process which involve both on-page and off-page SEO. Our research is extensive, honing in on your competitors, the consumer’s habits, changes in Google’s algorithm, and of course the individuality of your business. Our data is reported back to you monthly with opportunity for discussion, so you have a good understanding of where your hard-earned dollar is being invested. SEO is designed for continual growth, so the earlier you start the better!

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